Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just a Few Finds

Hey y'all! I have been so busy the past few weeks that I didn't have a chance to go to as many garage sales as I would've liked. I did find some cool stuff at the few I stopped at, though.

Basket with Vintage Ornaments - $2.00
Spools of Fancy Ribbon (NEW) - 25 cents each

I just love these ornaments. The colors are so pretty together! During Christmastime, I think I'll display them in a tall vase. Love the basket, too! You can never have too many baskets, ya know.

Vintage Vanity Tray (NEW) - $1.00

I needed another vanity tray for my 1950's beauty-inspired bathroom. The one I have now actually belonged to my great-grandmother. This one will match it perfectly! I was happy to find it. Gotta love that old-school packaging, too. If I keep the box, does that mean I have issues? Hope not.

LED Snowflake Lights (NEW) - $1.00

Christmas in July! Last year, we used all LED lights for our outdoor display and I absolutely loved the icy look of them. Watch out, Griswolds. Oh yeah, and see the original price? 24.99...SCORE!

Scrabble Junior Game - 50 cents
Scrabble Game - $1.00
Vintage Book - 25 cents

I am loving all of the Scrabble games I'm finding for my crafting! Those little wooden letters are so darn cute - I just can't pass them up. I have accumulated a lot of Scrabble boards, too. Any ideas about what I can do with those?

Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber - $4.00

Funny story. I was at my aunt's house last week, and her dog went pee pee on the carpet. She busted out her Dirt Devil (I believe it's identical to the one above) and told me that I absolutely needed to purchase one  because they were a life-saver for any pet owner. I immediately asked my mom if I could get one from Santa this year. Oh, most adults don't get gifts from Santa? Sucks to be them! Who would've thought that I'd find a Dirt Devil at a garage sale a few days later? Crazy times. It sells for around $40 in stores!

 Computer Keyboard and Mouse (NEW) - $1.00

I plan to rip all of the keys off and make something out of the letters. Anyone need a computer mouse?

Columbia Zip-up Sweatshirt - $1.00

I don't usually buy clothes at garage sales, but I just couldn't pass up this Columbia sweatshirt. It'll be great for marching band in the fall when it starts to get a lil' nippy out. It was my size, so I took it as a sign, got them to knock 2 bucks off the price, and brought it home!

 Scotch Poster Tape - 25 cents
Children's Flashcards - 50 cents

I need poster tape for my classroom. Don't remind me that school starts in two weeks. Just don't. I thought these flashcards were so adorable! They have bright, colorful images that I can use for crafting, card making, or collages!

Hanging Wire Basket - 25 cents

I thought this would be so cool for something. I just don't know what yet. Storage? Decorating? Hmmm.
I will gladly accept your ideas and suggestions!

Patriotic Vase - 50 cents
Candle Plate - 25 cents
Mickey Mouse Coaster Set (NEW) - 50 cents

I think I have a Mickey Mouse addiction. I just love these coasters.
Since they don't match my house in any way, shape, or form, I am going to use them for my computer desk.

Mickey and Minnie Framed Posters - $1.00

Yep. I'm obsessed. Again, these don't match a thing in my house. I will proudly hang them in the garage, because HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! I have always loved Minnie and Mickey in their 80's gear. If I remember correctly, I had the same poster in my playroom as a child. Good times!

So that's it for now. Oh yeah, I garbage-picked some cool stuff today. More coming soon!

Take Time for Lemonade,


  1. Jen (Bylina) BonenJuly 31, 2011 at 8:22 PM

    Oh my gosh, those wire baskets made me have a flashback to my childhood. My Mom and Aunt both had them, in fact, my aunt still has hers. They are for fruits and veggies. You hang them above your kitchen sink, wash your fruits and veggies (I think they usually had their tomatoes in there) and they just hang up there til you decide to eat them. Good find....use it for whatever your heart desires, but that's that they're for FOR REAL!! LOL. Love the blog, keep it coming!

  2. Wow, nice finds! I paid $5 for my carpet win! LOVE the BLAKE book, that's totally a KEEPER!!