Friday, July 15, 2011

Free from a real store?! Woah.

This is a new concept to me, and I don't know how often I will partake in the madness, but I'm sure by now you've heard of "extreme couponing." There's a show on TLC, and basically, there is a movement of people who study grocery patterns, sales, and collect hundreds of coupons in order to get the majority of their household groceries for close to nothing. Pretty cool, but very complicated, too.

My friend Katie has given me some couponing tips, and directed me to a particularly awesome deal at Target this week. Since the store was running a sale on Sharpie pens (usually $1.62, but reduced to $1.00), and there was a Target coupon for Sharpie pens that was worth $1.00 - they were completely FREE! WOO HOO! I was so excited! I had a stupid, goofy smile on my face and felt like I just conquered the world. You can even ask my husband; I actually yelled "yahoo!" and fist pumped the air as I walked jubilantly through the Target parking lot. Funny what a free pack of markers can do for someone's life outlook.

Here they are, in all their glory:
I absolutely LOVE these markers for crafting. Perfect for writing thin, yet bold. Strange concept, but you'll have to trust me. I am proud to say that I am the proud owner of TWELVE NEW, and FREE Sharpies! 

Here's the proof for you nonbelievers:
Thanks again to my friend Katie, the coupon queen, for introducing me to this awesome life! I don't know if I can handle it like a pro, but this sure got me all riled up!

Take Time for Lemonade,