Friday, July 8, 2011

Meet Me - The Junk Junkie

Hey everyone! I'm excited to start this new blog so that I can share my cheap treasures with the world. Haha. In a nutshell, I'm a girl who loves finding bargains, and most of all, creating treasure from what others see as merely "junk." I usually spend summer weekends traveling between garage sales, rummage sales, flea markets, and yard sales. If there's a bargain bin - I'm digging through it. To me - garage sales are like big, mysterious treasure hunts. When you pull up to the driveway, you never know what goodies will be waiting for you inside! Some days are better than others in the junking world, but like all good things, it takes patience and a willingness to "walk away" if the price isn't right. I am proud to say that I have decorated the majority of my home with treasures found at garage sales. I would describe my style as country, mixed with "shabby chic." I am always drawn to items with rust, chips, dents, and scrapes. Just like in the "real world" - imperfection equals character!

I also adore crafting. Anything involving glitter, ribbons, pretty paper, glue, beads, or buttons usually gets me pretty excited. I especially love combining my love for garage sales with my love for crafts, since craft supplies can get pretty pricey. I constantly try to see what something could be, rather than what it is. Creativity fills me with a sense of excitement and accomplishment that I can't properly put into words.

Aside from finding cheap treasures, I love spending quality time with my family (my wonderful husband and adorable Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier), teaching (high school English), listening to country music, assisting with the school marching band, coaching high school theatre (most specifically Speech Team and Group Interpretation), and loving all things Disney.

I decided to call this blog "Take Time for Lemonade" for a couple of reasons. A long time ago, I vowed to never pass up children at a lemonade stand. No matter how busy I am, I always pull over and buy a cup. As a young girl, I remember how excited my sister and I would get when someone would stop to buy some of our 25 cent lemonade. Just seeing the silly smile on a child's face is worth my spare change and two minutes of time. I must say, I have become quite the lemonade connoisseur throughout the years!

In a bigger sense though, it's so important to remember that we only have a short amount of time on God's green Earth. During the hustle bustle of work, school, and chores, it's sometimes hard to make time for the "little things" in life. I always try to remember to stop every once in a while to count my blessings and appreciate the small miracles that happen in every day. Hope you all enjoy taking a glimpse into my life!

Take Time for Lemonade,


  1. I love you so much! great post-- can't wait to "follow" you :)

  2. Love it Kris! I love the theme and the heading font reminds me of your writing! Xoxo

  3. This is awesome!!!! I LOVE your "Take Time For Lemonade" blog!!! I will be one of your BEST followers!!! What a great idea and sooo pretty! Can't wait to hear about all of your great finds and treasures as you travel the neighborhoods to find good JUNK!

  4. I too, will be a loyal follower--you know how I LOVE a bargain and especially love "using things for other than what they were intended" aka turning a piece of trash into something to treasure! It's easy to "go retail" and decorate a home--the creative one-of-a-kind pieces can't be found there, but rather in the creative mind of somebody willing to "take a chance" on a piece of JUNQUE. Go for it gurrrlllll! Can't wait to see what goodies you produce!!!

  5. Auntie Terri - you're my inspiration! Even as a little girl, I wanted to be like you - creative, fun, and with a home that wasn't cookie-cutter. I'm still trying!