Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday Finds

I had a decent haul on Friday. Nothing too spectacular, but some goodies. My morning started out wonderfully. As I was heading out to my first sale of the morning, I drove past a beautiful Little Tykes playhouse in someone's trash. Obviously, I quickly shifted gears and backed up! I knew my dearest friend had been looking for one, so I decided to scoop it up for her. The thing about dumpster diving - it only makes you a little embarrassed for a millisecond until you realize how awesome you are. I'm pretty sure these things sell for like $200 in the stores. Crazy luck!

Little Tykes Playhouse - FREE!
After a few trips and trying to figure out how to get the darn thing apart, I was finally ready for some sales. I decided to start out with a subdivision sale. Those are my favorite! It's a one-stop paradise for garage salers who want to maximize their treasure-finding. Here's what I found:

Vintage Playing Cards (for crafting) - 25 cents each
Wooden Star (for crafting) - 25 cents
Wooden Road Signs (for crafting) - 25 cents
Thick Glass Sheets (for crafting) - 50 cents

Turquoise Bathtub Decoration - 50 cents
Glorious Lion Statue - 50 cents
Random Globe (for crafting?) - 50 cents
Lion King Music Box (for collection) - $2.00
Winnie the Pooh Music Box (for collection) - $1.00

* These are selling for $50+ on Ebay right now! WOO HOO!

Yankee Candle Electric Tart Warmer (NEW) - $2.00
(Sold for $19.99)
Measuring Cup - 50 cents
Cuisinart Slow Cooker Cookbook - 10 cents
Metal Bucket (for crafting) - 25 cents
Travel Salad Container - 50 cents

 Easter Bunny Decoration - 50 cents
Thanksgiving Pilgrim Decorations - 50 cents
Vintage Books - $1.00

 Blank Books (for crafting) - $1.00
Photo Frame for Decorating - 25 cents
Paper Pieces (for crafting) - 25 cents
Jewelry Hardware (for crafting) - 25 cents

Assorted sayings (for crafting) with frames - $1.00

* Originally from Pottery Barn for $20+

Vintage Scrabble Game - $1.00

* I love the idea of using these for crafts or junk art!

Mary Engelbreit Framed Print - 50 cents
Wicker Box Top (for crafting) - 25 cents
Candle Plate - 25 cents
The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Wash (NEW) - $1.00

* This face wash sells for $14.00 in store

Assorted Wrapping Supplies and Bling - 10 cents each

* I love these for sprucing up wrapped packages or other random crafting

ArmorAll Cleaning Wipes (NEW) - $1.50
ArmorAll Auto Glass Cleaner (NEW) - $1.00

* Sometimes, I buy a couple goodies for my hubby

Hallmark Wrapping Paper (NEW) - 25 cents each
* Originally $3.99
American Flag Decorations - 10 cents each

Art Print Books - FREE!

*I plan to use these for collage work or random prints

Industrial Spool - $1.00

* I want to turn this into something fabulous. Any ideas?

Christmas Outdoor Light Post - $1.00

* Preparing for another Griswold display!

Overall, I had a fun time.  Post comments about what you think was my "pick of the day!"

And remember...
SO true! I just LOVE junk!

Take Time for Lemonade,


  1. You're basically the funnest person ever. I wish I was as craftacular as you!
    --Kristin #2

  2. Oh gosh! I wish I could knit/crochet cute little animals like YOU do!

  3. Industrial Spool-$1.00 wins pick of the day...not sure why but i LOVE that and can't wait to see what glorious thing that will turn into someday... and of course the FREE play house is a runner up!

  4. Definitely the play house. The funny thing is that the guy who lives at that house immediately thought, "thank God someone took that damn thing". I know, because I have been that guy. I also love the lion. Does it have a nice package? It looks like it should.

  5. I don't understand why he didn't SELL it! Those things are FLYING off Craigslist for around $100. I cannot comment on the package of the lion. This is a family site.

  6. Great job Kristin!! Def the playhouse, but love the bathtub, globe and lion too! The spool is awesome....sometimes you just need to live with something for awhile before you decide what to do with it. Set it in a corner and just wait for the ideas to pop into your head. I always keep a pad of paper and pen next to my bed because sometimes ideas come to me at all hours of the night and I need to write them down so I don't forget them!! Looking forward to "junquing" when you come up for CT--I'll scope it out!!

  7. Kris where do you find good garage sales? My husband and I were looking for specific bicycle related items around Joliet ... it was a bust! - Anita (remember me from West?)

  8. Spool=Table...Clearly