Monday, July 18, 2011

Gift Wrapping on the Cheap

One of my favorite things to buy at garage sales is wrapping supplies. There's no need to spend a ton of money in order to make a gift look beautiful, and those party stores will definitely empty your pockets! With wrapping paper selling in stores for around $4 a roll and bows for around $2 or $3, you have to get creative. Since I enjoy making presents look pretty when I go to showers, weddings, birthdays or other events, I have learned to pick up accents throughout my garage sale adventures. After all, it's all about presentation!

Here are a few examples of wrapping "on the cheap" :


Baby Shower Gift
Wrapping Paper (Garage Sale) - 25 cents
Ribbon (Garage Sale) - 25 cents
Baby Bottle (Garage Sale) - 5 cents
Buttons (Garage Sale) - less than 5 cents
Wire Spiral - 10 cents
Picture Frame (Bargain Buy) - 50 cents

Entire Wrapped Gift - about $1.20
(with materials left over!)

 I filled the little plastic baby bottle with some white buttons, and included some blue socks and a blue wire spiral to add some cuteness to the package. Also, it's always good to put something personal in a frame when you give one as a gift. If you don't have photos, use a personalized message!

You may recognize the little beaded spiral accent from one of my previous posts:

I simply stretched out the wire a little bit and cut it in half with a wire cutter. Then, I crimped the edges over so they weren't sharp and the beads didn't fall off. 

I made these bags for the prize winners at my Fourth of July party:

Party Prize Packages
Colorful Lunch Bags (Bargain Buy) - 20 cents each
Ribbon (Garage Sale) - 25 cents
Gift Tags (After Christmas Clearance) - 10 cents for all
Colorful Brads (Garage Sale) - 25 cents
Flag Toothpicks (Dollar Store) - $1.00 for a big bag
Shredded Glimmer Filler (Garage Sale) - 25 cents

All Wrapped Prizes (8 bags total) - around $3.45
(with materials left over!)

I cut up the extra bags to make "frames" around the tags. That way, the bags coordinated perfectly together, since it would be difficult to find paper to match that exactly.


Tropical Birthday Gift
Plain Colorful Wrapping Paper (Bargain Bin) - 99 cents each
Beach Paper Cut-outs (Garage Sale) - 25 cents
Beach Flowered Wire (Garage Sale) - 25 cents
Stickers (Garage Sale) - 25 cents

Entire Wrapped Gift - around $3.75

Decorative wire is great for many purposes, but it especially works well for making big bows on big gifts (like the one shown above). Get creative and have fun! Make sure your gift is the best looking one on the table. No one will believe how much you spent on the wrapping job! Don't forget, though - the best part about giving gifts is putting a smile on someone's face. So gift away!

Take Time for Lemonade,


  1. I love getting "homemade gifts" from you... You never fail to give the BEST and most thoughtful gifts... even if they are from garages sales. I love it THAT much more (i.e.- food magnets and small grocery cart) You just can't BUY that stuff. LOVE you, junker.

  2. I am so happy that my Mother's Day gift made the BLOG! It was so beautiful that I didn't want to open it! You know the feeling when somebody takes the time to wrap a gift so beautifully that you don't even care what the gift just feel so special because of the time they took to wrap it up so pretty! I always said that a gift can be the cheapest thing in the world but wrap it pretty and it's worth a million bucks! Thanks for making me always feel special with your wrapping expertise!!! I kept all the decorations on my Mother's Day gift...way too nice to throw away!!! Maybe I will re-gift wrap them on somebody elses gift so they feel the LOVE I felt!!! Oh, and the Margarita Maker Blender gift inside the beautiful wrapping wasn't too shabby either!!!