Friday, August 5, 2011

Just Call Me Picky McPickerson

Thought I'd write an update on the 100% FREE stuff I've picked up lately. Gotta keep those eyes wide open for gems hiding in people's "garbage" piles!

Bookcase in Pristine Condition - FREE!

I just love this new bookcase. I've been needing one! All of my precious books are piled in a closet, and it's not pretty. I want to paint it, but don't know if I should. Not to mention I just can't decide on a color. Hmmm. We'll see.

Handcrafted Wooden Bean Bag Game - FREE!

Alright, so I'm not Irish. Yet another thing I'll be painting soon. Actually, I think I'll give this project to my darling husband, whose life dream is to craft something with sports logos. Go at it, honey.

OH! These people had the NERVE to throw out their beautiful bean bag game without the bean bags! I mean, come on now...that's just cruel. Haha. Wonder where I can buy a nice set?

Very Large Basket - FREE!

Alright, so I know it's missing a handle, and the weaving isn't as perfect as it once was, but I love it just the same. You can never have too many baskets - especially for organizing craft stuff. I think I will use this one for fabric scraps or ribbon. Yay! Oh, and as I was picking up this gem I was stared down by the neighbors like an armed and dangerous criminal. Oh well. It comes with the trade I suppose.

Only a few more free Fridays for garage saleing before school starts. Gotta cherish it!

Take Time for Lemonade, 


  1. You can get bean bags at that house on 167th...the guy makes them. You probably will find some cheaper somewhere I'm sure! Great find!

  2. That book shelf is beyond awesome! Who throws away good stuff like that! People today are way too disposable!!!

  3. Make your own bean bags with your scrap fabric!!! Duhh- FREE!!

  4. Nice finds!! Walmart has replacement bags don't know what the price is like, not as good as free ;)