Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cheap Cards and Bear Biscuits

Hello there! It was a slow weekend for garage sales. I did find a few nice items, though. Here's my favorite find of the week:

Hallmark and Assorted Greeting Cards  (50+) - $2.00 for all

Original Retail Prices 

You know how much greeting cards are these days. It's almost a sin! I chose two cards from the stack that I purchased to demonstrate the awesomeness of my deal. I paid less than 4 cents per card. YEP. I now have a stash on hand for just about every occasion imaginable: birthdays, graduations, Christmas, thank you name it. I was quite excited to find these, and they're all in perfect condition! The nice lady also threw a couple sticker packs into the deal. YAY!

Curly Ribbon Bows and Wraphia (NEW) - 50 cents for all

Assorted Gift Bags - 50 cents for all

I know I've said this before, but WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD SOMEONE SELL GIFT BAGS? I just don't know. Then again, I am grateful for their ignorance.

HP LaserJet Printer - $3.00
HP LaserJet Toner Cartridge (NEW) - $3.00

I love laser printers. They end up being so much cheaper than ink printers, PLUS they're great for printing and using Mod Podge. This printer is selling online for a lot more than I paid. YAY AGAIN!

 Purex Complete 3 in 1 Detergent Sheets (1 NEW) - $1.00 each

These bad boys sell for $5-$8 in stores. The lady selling them said she wasn't a fan of the scent, but I love it. They smell fresh and clean, like regular laundry detergent. Here's the cool part - all you have to do is drop the sheet in the washer! The detergent, fabric softener, and anti-static cling agents are all included. Once you're done washing, you put the sheet in the dryer as well. Cool, huh!? Hey, laundry detergent is yet another expensive everyday item, and I will get it for cheap whenever possible!

Vintage Dome Tray - $2.00

Shower Mirror and Radio (NEW) (for the hubs) - $1.50

Scrapbooking Calendar (NEW) - 50 cents

This is pretty cool. Each calendar page is made of scrapbook paper, so you can use it afterwards for whatever you desire! I don't think I'm going to  use the actual calendar. I plan to take all of the pages out and use them for crafting.

Small Fridge Calendar - 25 cents
Bag of Metal Letters - 25 cents
Aveeno Lotion (NEW) - 25 cents
Troll Doll - 25 cents

Bear Biscuits (NEW) (for lil' Jakey Bear) - 50 cents

 My little gentleman waiting patiently for his Bear Biscuit

Old Golden Books (for crafting or reminiscing) - $1.00 for all

 Three Old Keyboards (for crafting) - $2.00 for all

Disney's Beloved Tales Hardcover Book - 25 cents
Vinyl Christmas Table Cloth - 25 cents

Black and Decker Jig Saw - $2.00

Two Cookie Tins - 50 cents
Beading Wire (NEW) - 25 cents
Folding Ruler - 25 cents
Little Boxes - 50 cents

Patriotic Candle Jar Shade - 25 cents
Wooden Pinch Hangers - 25 cents
Coca Cola Santa Coasters - $1.00 for all

Old Baking Sheets - FREE!
Mini Scrapbook Kit (NEW) - 25 cents

Just you wait to see what I'm going to make with those old baking sheets. Just you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait...

Twin Bed Ruffle (to make bunting) - $1.00

80's Coloring Books - FREE!

I don't know what I'm going to do with Rainbow Brite and She-Ra coloring books, but I know it's going to be grand. Maybe I'll just look at them and smile. Free joy, people. Free joy.

OH! I almost forgot to announce the WINNER of last week's giveaway!

1. Francesca
2. Chris
3. Karla
4. Vanessa
5. Karyn

I used to determine the winner:

You rolled 1 die:

Congratulations, Karla! You're the lucky recipient of a Valentine's Day Snoopy Flag! I will personally deliver your prize to you.

Take Time for Lemonade,


  1. Now we need to see what you craft with the garage sale finds!

  2. My personal favorite...Hallmark cards! Great find! What idiot gets rid of those bad boys?

  3. If those coloring books are not used yet they may be worth something. Look them up online. You never know!!!!!