Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flags and Umbrella Stands

YAY! One of my "list" items has FINALLY been crossed off! I have been searching for an umbrella stand ALL SUMMER and was very close to buying one at the store (patience saved me 30 bucks). I even had a close call at another garage sale in July. The lady had it for sale, but when I went up to buy it, she changed her mind and said she actually wanted to keep it. I was sad! Alas, today I found what we've been needing! Here it is, in all its glory...

Patio Umbrella Stand - $1.00

Aside from that, I had a pretty slow weekend. I didn't get to go out much because marching band season is upon us! I did find a couple nice treasures, though...

Metal Locker Tower - $10.00

I popped a 10 for this bad boy. That's a lot of money in terms of what I usually spend at garage sales (as you know). I just HAD to have this locker, though. How cool is this? I can't wait to spray paint it. I'm thinking a dark copper. Think of the cool things I can store in this. Shoes? Craft supplies? Tools? Who knows, but I LOVE IT.

Wooden Cigar Boxes - 20 cents for both

Thinking I can make a cool craft with these. Any ideas?

Romeo and Juliet Cigar Box - 50 cents

I am a Shakespeare nerd. I had to have this "Romeo y Julieta" cigar box. Check out the image - so pretty! "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet"

Vintage Books - $1.00 for all
Puzzle Pieces - 20 cents

Do you see books and puzzle pieces? I see crafts and collages.
I am so glad Johnny finally got his horse.

"Art C" Trading Card Craft Sets (NEW) - $1.00

I thought these were really cute. There are all sorts of supplies included - glitter, ribbon, flowers, paper, sequins, brads, paint, etc.

"America" Decoration - $1.00
Uncle Sam Hat - 25 cents
Patriotic Grass Strands - 25 cents each

Getting ready for another Fourth of July party next year! I thought I could make a cool centerpiece out of that hat and those grass strands. The price tag was still on those things - they sell for $6.99 in the store! It's crazy how much craft stuff costs.

Princess Gift Bag - 25 cents
Disney Stencil Kit - 25 cents
Lion King Lithographs Set (NEW) - 25 cents

My Disney obsession! Ahhhh. I just love the stencil kit. They have stencils for Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. Think of the invitations I could make for my unborn children. Oh, the possibilities. Oh, and if you know me on a personal basis and have a female child, expect this gift bag to be showing up at a birthday party near you! Belle is my favorite.

Marble Construction Paper (NEW) - 50 cents
Hearts Confetti (NEW) - 25 cents
Orange Sparkly Yarn - 25 cents

Vintage Prints - 50 cents each

I love dogs. Kids are cute. I like things that look old. Now you know why I just had to have these. The frames are cool, too. YAY!

Scary Witch Lady - 50 cents
Glass Bottles - 50 cents for both
Grass Strands (NEW) - 50 cents for both
Key Pin - 25 cents

Embossing Heat Tool (NEW) - $1.00
IKEA Wooden Dude - 50 cents

The wooden dude is saying "YAY for cheap embossing tools! My owner needed one!" He's also saying "Hey! Get this stick out of my butt! It's quite uncomfortable!"

 Holiday Flags and Flag Pole (14 pcs.) - $5.00 for all

I always wanted these, but they're so expensive new. I was so happy to find someone's full collection! They're in awesome condition, too. Rarely used. Included in the set were flags featuring ladybugs, a stork, a pumpkin, a snowman, a turkey, Santa, Goofy grilling, hearts, a witch hat, school books, shamrocks, and a butterfly. I think I will put them in the back yard, or install another pole on the side of the house, since Old Glory has its place in front:

OH! I am proud to announce my first giveaway! Any member of this blog can win (to become a member, click "Join This Site" on the right hand side of the page). Included in the flag set was a Snoopy Valentine's Day flag. I have never been a Snoopy fan. I personally feel that he can't hold a candle to Mickey Mouse, but I know a lot of people like Snoopy. If YOU like Snoopy and would like to own this beautiful Snoopy flag, leave a comment and mention that you'd like to be considered. The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced one week from today. Allow a few days for me to get the flag in the mail, and it's all yours.
Good times!

Snoopy Flag - WIN ME!

Take Time for Lemonade,


  1. Francesca has never met Snoopy before..... Maybe she could be in the drawing ! :)

  2. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what you do with that locker! I always wanted one as a kid (maybe to store some Lion King action figure or scratch-n-sniff stickers?), but I never did get to have one. Oh, and Belle is totes my fave, too.

  3. GREAT LOCKER!!-LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! actually, great haul all the way around. That embossing tool/heat gun.....very handy!! Excellent work Kristin!! What else is on your list of "gotta finds" ?????

  4. Great post! I do not want to be considered though. Just wanted to say hi!

  5. I will hang the Snoopy flag in my classroom...and you know how much I love to decorate my class.

  6. This Snoopy flag will go perfectly with my GIANT Snoopy PEZ Dispenser!!
    Karla B.

  7. Oh man I love the locker!!!! So jealous! I hope u carve "KTK & WHB 4 ever" on it somewhere :)

  8. Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my craft room!
    Your blog is great!!
    And I am SO jealous of those lockers ... I have been on the hunt for some for a LONG time now ... every time I come upon some, they've JUST been sold! Bad timing on my part! :)~

  9. Love the lockers! I would have paid $20! They are awesome. I don't like Snoopy either...raffle off something I would about those lockers?

  10. Love the blog, Kris - makes me look at garage sales in a whole different light. Throw me in the drawing, please : )