Friday, July 20, 2012

Flying with Fleas

I love a good flea market. Nothing like bringing your biggest shoulder bag and heading out to a one-stop junk carnival of fun! Although some of the prices are higher than garage sales, I am usually able to find some unique treasures at flea markets.

Before I show you what I bought this time around, I'd like to show you some interesting finds. Another great thing about flea markets - you're bound to see something that makes you smile!

Nothing like a table of wonderful assorted glassware! One of life's greatest joys is searching over a table like this one to find a gem. I like that little blue teapot. Perhaps I should have bought it. Live and learn.

Ahh, now a sight like this makes me yearn. I adore knobs, hinges, keys, and trinkets made of metal.

This was an interesting sight - a giant rooster overlooking a nun and lady friend's slumber party. Haha! The things you see at flea markets...

I thought this was a cool old instrument. This one's for you, Kim.

Baskets and baskets of kitchen supplies. Baster, anyone? How about a whisk? Noodle grabber? Spork?

A glorious assortment of ceramic dog statues. I have recently decided to start a similar collection, simply because these are so adorable and seeing them all lined up makes my heart happy. Too bad I hadn't thought of this new collection idea at the time, and unfortunately, did not purchase any of these precious pups.

Gotta love the PEZ dispensers! I used to have so many. Wonder where they went.

Disney characters! Gotta love it. I spy Jiminy Cricket, Balloo, Pluto, Flounder, and Pumba (to name a few)

This made me laugh.
Clothed Barbies - $1.00
Naked Barbies - 50 cents

Random bearded shaggy-haired man head.

Now I suppose I should show you what I actually BOUGHT at the flea market...

Gavel (for the classroom) - 50c
Twine (for crafting) - $1.00
Dumbo Figurine - 50c 

Hair Feathers (NEW) - $5.00 for both boxes
(these usually sell for $10 a box)
Covergirl Eyeliner (NEW) - 25c each

 Little Vintage Suitcase - $7.00

It completes my set-up perfectly!

Pluto Figurine - 50c

Vintage Camera - $3.00

Vintage Street Light Insulators - $1.00

Vintage "Chemist" Glasses - $2.00

Load of Keys (50+) - $3.00

Disney Christmas Game Book - $1.00
Vintage Minnie Mouse - $2.00
Snowman Decoration - 50c

Aren't those fun finds? I was excited to get them. My favorite treasure is probably the old green glasses. They look great in my living room and are definitely a conversation piece. I love strange, one-of-a-kind treasures. 
Until next time, flea market...


Take Time for Lemonade,

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