Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Noodle Ribbon Wreath

As mentioned in my last post, my lovely God-daughter was born a few weeks ago. I wanted to make something special for her nursery, and decided on a simple wreath. The ideas? Well, I got them from Pinterest. If you've never been on it - then you don't know the wonderful world that you're missing! Here's the ribbon wreath I created for little Victoria:

In order to make the wreath, I started off with a pool noodle that I purchased from a garage sale for 25 cents. I love the idea of using a pool noodle because (1) they're cheap, and (2) they're thicker (and therefore, cuter) than the Styrofoam rings they sell in craft stores. Cut the pool noodle to the desired wreath size, and duct-tape it until it's secure.

Pool Noodle - 25 cents

 I then wrapped some green tulle around the noodle to soften the bright yellow color. In case I missed any spots, I didn't want the harsh yellow to show through on my pastel creation.

 Then, I chose a bunch of different ribbons. The nursery is pink and green, so I chose a plethora of shades and prints in those colors. I cut them to the desired length after a few trial pieces were measured against the noodle wreath.

The next step is the most time-consuming. Tie, tie, tie! I tied in patterns so that I got a dispersed placement of each pattern and color. For instance, I tied all of the brown with pink dots at various evenly-spaced spots around the wreath. Then, I did the same with the next color. Be sure to tie the knots the same each time. I also added tulle to create a soft look - I especially like this effect for baby nurseries.

Make it as fluffy as you want!  I like it reeeeeal fluffy.

Lastly, I attached a pink flower foam shape that I bought in the craft store clearance bin a while back. I also bought a wooden letter "V" (for Victoria) and covered it in some awesome green glitter. I LOVE GLITTER. I had it in my nostrils and ears for a few days, but

...and there you have it! A pretty ribbon wreath for a pretty baby...

Take Time for Lemonade,


  1. This is beautiful~ Love all of the lovely colors and the happy feel of it! What a wonderful way to celebrate!
    Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo party!