Sunday, June 3, 2012

Small Town Junkin'

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to find a village-wide garage sale in a small town. Since this was a lake town with fields and farms, I got to look through sheds and barns to find treasures. I also got to witness some fresh sights.

The first thing I loved was that everyone was riding around, from sale to sale, on their four-wheelers or in golf carts. How convenient is that? I accidentally dug through the back of one of the golf carts, though. It was at the end of the drive-way, and I have no idea what I was thinking, but I thought it was for sale. So, I started rummaging through this man's pile of stuff. I guess this was the stash of items he was planning on buying, and he was using his cart to hold them aside. Oh, he was ANGRY when he saw me rummaging.

Garage Sale Lesson #1 - Never touch the already-claimed treasures of your fellow junker

As soon as I put down the loot, all was forgiven. Anyway - another fun aspect of this small little town was that everyone seemed to have some type of very interesting mailbox. Most of them were fish related, since the town surrounds a lake. I now present to you, "Tractor Fish Lure Fish"

I also got to see BEAUTIFUL landscapes and majestic barns. I adore barns. I also have a strange passion for rust. When you combine it with small-town 'scapes and Americana, I just get excited. This here is a delightful rusty old tractor; however, there seems to be a mysterious visitor peeking through the window...

Another interesting encounter involved ducklings. Never before have I seen animals being sold at garage sales (and I'm not even entirely sure if it's allowed), but on this trip, I found some people who were looking to sell these cute little ducks. They were just quackin' up a storm and waiting for someone to buy them. I believe they were pretty affordable, too - but then again, I am not in need of a duck at this current time.

So, the interesting journey and change-of-pace was wonderful enough - but I also found some treasures! Here's a glimpse of my small-town finds...

HUGE stack of Mary Engelbreit Cards & Envelopes - $1.00

If you know how much I love Mary Engelbreit, then you know how excited I was about this. Imagine how much each card would cost in the store! I have over 50 cards here - covering various occasions. I just adore her artwork - it's so fun.

3 Outdoor Extension Cords and 1 Outlet Adapter - $10 for all

My handy husband was especially excited about these. The boxes say that the cords sold for $5.99 - so we got a pretty good deal. We can always use more hook-ups for the ol' Griswold display!

Giant Pocket-Watch Clock - $7.00

Now, this is expensive for me. Stop laughing. I know this isn't expensive considering normal-person standards, but as a garage sale queen, I really had to weigh my options. I just HAD to have this clock, though. Isn't it beautiful? I don't know where I am going to put it yet, but I do know that I love it. Hey - at least I got a discount since it was priced at $10 originally.

Thurman Thomas Figurine - $2.00

This is what happens when you bring your husband garage saling with you. I must say, though - this seems like a great deal. It's new and in the box, and although I could not find an exact replica online, similar figurines were selling for $20-$50. I guess I'll keep him around. My husband, I mean - not Thurman Thomas. Well, I suppose he can stay, too - even though the hubby wanted to put him on his desk at work.

Brand New Paper Towel Holder - $1.00
Glass Cannister - $1.00
Metal Napkin Dispenser - FREE
Antique Scribe - 25c

I thought my mom could use another paper towel holder for her outdoor pool parties. The cannister is the perfect size for making some mixed-media art inside. I don't exactly know what that napkin dispenser will be used for, but I assure you - it will get a new life someday. I loved the look of the old antique scribe. I looked them up online and apparently I got a really great deal (they're selling for $10 - $50). I just thought it looked cool - I don't even know what it was used for, or better yet, what I will use it for.

Walt Disney's Classic Storybook - 25c
Shaggy Dog DVD - 50c
Buzz Lightyear Toy - 25c

Why would anyone sell a perfectly beautiful, hardcover, Disney book? Well, I'm glad they did. I have never seen Shaggy Dog, but I we love Tim Allen and it was cheaper to buy it than rent it. We love dog movies, so I'm sure we'll enjoy it. The Buzz Lightyear toy is AMAZING. He has sound effects and his wings shoot out when he wants to fly. He even has a laser coming out of his arm with the push of a button. My husband and I felt SO COOL when we saw these at the store for $40! Wow. See? This is why I garage sale. Hubby intends to add it to his fun array of desk toys. I'm confident that he has the most interesting cubicle in the office. He's so darn cute - that's why I love him. Once again, I am referring to my husband, not Buzz Lightyear. I DO love Buzz Lightyear, though.

Glass Platter - $1.00
Gold Canyon Candle - 50c
Plastic Pillars - FREE
1992 Olympics Pins - 25c each

I just love that platter. I probably won't use it for food, though. I see it more in a cloche role, ya know? Gotta love "free" boxes at sales - these little pillars will be good for something someday. Until then, take a rest in the craft bin, my friends. Gold Canyon candles are very nice, and this one's only a teensy-bit used. Can't beat that. Although I have no interest in pin collecting, I thought these would be good to have. For a quarter a piece, I might as well throw them in my pin box. Who knows? Years from now - 1992 Olympics pins might be rare! They're selling for $3-$7 each online right now.

Carbon Monoxide Detector (NEW) - $2.00
Bumblebee Dog Costume - $1.00
Dog's Life Game - 50c

If you are asking yourself: "Self, if that a dog dressed as Benjamin Franklin? Could this BE? It seems almost too good to be true." Well, yes my friends. That IS indeed a dog dressed in colonial costuming. I know how marvelous this is, which is precisely why I purchased it. I don't know if the game is fun, but let's face it - it doesn't even matter. Speaking of dogs, Jake is going to look dapper in this festive little bumblebee costume. Oh, and those Carbon Monoxide detectors sell for over $20 in stores. Once again, I score.

Carson's Brand Shirt (NEW) - $1.00

Now, it is rare that I buy clothes from garage sales. First of all, they rarely have my size. I'm just too amazing to be mainstream - haha. Also, I rarely find brand new, tags-on items that excite me. Needless to say, this baby was a diamond in the rough. I don't shop at Carson's regularly, but I know that they have quality merchandise. I don't know if you can see the tag, but this beauty originally sold for $36.00.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Book Set - $2.00 for all

Although these are junior-high level reading books, I have always wanted to read them. I'm also considering basing my short play off of one of these stories this year. I can't wait to begin reading! It's so fun to read a series, isn't it? They are all in perfect condition.

Mounted Vintage School Bell - $5.00

I just love this bell so much. As a teacher, it holds a special place in my heart. I can't wait to clean it up real pretty and find a perfect place to display it in my home.

So there you have it. From funky fish mailboxes, to ducklings, to Buzz Lightyear - we saw it all. Definitely a fun and interesting garage sale day. The best part? I got to spend some quality time with my darling husband. Isn't that what life's all about?

Take Time for Lemonade,


  1. Nathan has that Buzz Lightyear toy and it's one of my favorites!

  2. Kris, that bell would be so cool in your classroom!

  3. I just popped over from Pinkapotamus and this post made me so jealous!!! WOW...what amazing finds. I would love to go small town junkin'!

    I really enjoyed you I'm nominating you for "The Versatile Blogger" award. Pop over to my blog to check out the details!!! New follower here!