Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birthday Blessings

On my birthday, I am always reminded of my countless blessings. From my family (of course this includes my pup, Jake), to my friends, to my students - I am constantly surrounded by love, and I really couldn't ask for more. I have so much joy in my life, and therefore, I really do have it all.

I just wanted to share the lovely gift my husband got me this year. He said that the theme for my present was "Follow Your Dream." Since I have a lot of dreams, I really didn't know what to expect. First, let's check out his cute lil' mismatched wrapping job...

See the Little Mermaid paper? He is so cute. I can't even handle it sometimes. So - wanna know what I got? My dream craft station mega kit! Not only did I get a "crafter's toolbox" with all of the necessities, but he got me a customizable craft station! I am SO pumped about setting it up in the basement. We are waiting until after our garage sale, though. Here it is, in all it's glory...

My Wonderful Gift
Rolling Cart with Drawers
File Drawers
Peg Boards
Desk Top
Spinning Organizing Caddy
Paintbrush Set
Mini Screwdrivers
Mini Pliers
Mini Tape Measure
Various Clamps
Bone File
Hobby Knife Set
Non-stick Scissors
Magnifier Lamp
Hot Glue Gun Stand

I wish I could set it all up today. I can barely handle the anticipation! Oh, and did you see the glue gun stand that my husband built for me? I found the idea on Pinterest and thought it was awesome. This will definitely come in handy - especially the built-in tile to catch the glue drips! I had been using a paper plate - haha. The little box on the end is perfect for storing the glue sticks, too. Yay!

In conclusion, my husband is wonderful. He doesn't mind that I'm constantly bringing strange "treasures" into our house, or that I often ask him to slow down when we pass a nice-looking trash pile. He's just a great guy, and I'm so lucky to have him. Thank you, honey, for these wonderful gifts and for supporting and nurturing all of my dreams. I love you unconditionally.

Oh, and how can I forget? My birthday ended marvelously with a Rainbow Cone. Dee-lish!

...and yes, it tastes as good as it looks.

Take Time for Lemonade,

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  1. What a GREAT and thoughtful gift. Bill is definitely a KEEPER! You are BLESSED in so many ways. Happy Birthday baby girl. I love you <3<3<3