Monday, April 30, 2012

Rapper Bunny in the Hizzy

The first official garage sale weekend of the season was SO. MUCH. FUN. I cannot quite put into words what this hobby does for me emotionally. I know that to some of you, I probably sound a bit insane, but this is truly one of my favorite things to do in life. There's just something about pulling up to that driveway and not having a clue what you'll find. The better part? When you finally get there, the treasures you find are cheap, cheap, cheap!

I usually find some pretty funny items along the way. This weekend, I happened to find this Rapper Bunny. I believe his official name is "E. Bunny." He raps lyrics about Easter and is sporting a "bling" egg. Also, take note of his pierced bunny ear. Quality. Needless to say, this bunny had to be mine. He will have a permanent home in my classroom.

Rapper Bunny - 50c

While we're on the bunny topic, I also found quite a few cute Easter decorations, which is perfect since I am the family Easter host! How darling is this pillow? I have never used the word "darling" before, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Heck, I'm leavin' it there.

Bunny Family Pillow (NEW) - $2.00

Mr. and Mrs. Hoppington - 50c each

Bunny Friends - 25c each

I also happened to find some Christmas decor. Now, I kinda promised myself that I would stop buying Christmas stuff, but I just had to buy these things because of their cuteness and cheapness. Sorry!

Snowman Picture - $1.00

...the light strand lights up and blinks slowly! YAY!

"Let It Snow" Sign - 50c

Pre-lit, 3ft Winston Pine Tree - $2.00
(sold for $18 at Walmart - Wheaten Terrier sold separately)

Simba Ornament - 50c
(for the Disney tree)

Alright, and let's throw a bit of autumn into the mix
(just for good measure...)

Snowman and Scarecrows - 25c each

Now that we're in the autumn mood, I have to tell you about how EXCITED I was to find this tray. My mom has two of these, and we use them for every holiday gathering! It's perfect for slicing up that big ol' turkey or ham. I didn't know where I could get one of these bad boys. I should've known...garage sale.

Best Platter of Life - 25c

Alright, and now for some complete randomness. Enjoy...

Tiger Stuffed Animal (NEW) - $1.00

For my classroom. Go Tigers! Dog not included.

Disney Princess Memory Game - 25c

I thought I could keep this in the closet for when there are children in the house. Some of my friends have some pretty cute kids.

Ok. I lied. I really wanted this and I fully intend to play it by myself. 
I am 27 years old and unashamed.
Which brings me to my next item...

Flounder from Disney On Ice - 25c

What? Do you KNOW what these things SELL FOR at Disney on Ice? I clearly needed this.

Ugliest Sweater of Life - 25c

So I saw this sweater from afar, and it was like it was calling my name. I mean, you could see it from a mile away for crying out loud. It is, hands down, the ugliest sweater of life. When I walked up to it, and saw that it was my size, I knew that it was destiny. I have NO IDEA what I need this for, but I think we can all agree that I need it.

Letters (for crafting) - 25c
American Flag - 50c
Car CD Visor Case - 50c

Records (for crafting) - $1.00 for all
Star Glasses (for classroom) - 25c

Hairspray Tote - 50c

Ceramic Candle Shade - 25c

Buzz Word Game (NEW) - 50c

Water Misting Fan (NEW) - $2.00
(sticker on there from Bed Bath and Beyond says it sells for $12.99!)

Assorted Books - 25c each

Ortho Weed B Gon Max (NEW) - $4.00
(a gift for the hubby - he's been a good boy)
(this stuff is brand new, and sells for around $15 or more in stores)
(as long as I'm writing in parentheses - I think I'll add one more)
(why people sell these things, I still don't comprehend)

Snowman Dog Costume - $1.00

I am really pumped about putting this costume on Jake; however, I don't think he's quite as excited. Here he is, checking it out (and getting some bad vibes)...

Hey Ma! I smell another dog! Is this fresh?

So yeah, it'll be grand. See ya next week!

Take Time for Lemonade,

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  1. Some really great finds! You will soon be needing a bigger house to store all your treasures! Bring the fan to the pool! And yes, that sweater is UGLY!